Video Q&A with Paige Spiranac
This video is a little different than my others, but it's one that I've wanted to make for a while. If you're interested in hearing my whole story and learning more about me, this one's for you! (I've also listed the topics below in case you're just interested in a certain part.) Don't forget to subscribe! ►
Grayhawk (Raptor) Course Vlog
Thank you guys for watching my last video and for giving me such great feedback! The most requested video was a course vlog where I share my thought process - so here you go! PS: Don't forget to subscribe ( and follow my scores on the 18Birdies app ( )!
Grayhawk (Talon) Course Vlog
Welcome to my first on course golf video! Part play with me, part golf lesson. Make sure to let me know in the comments what you want more or less of in the next one :) Specific shots? Course management? Getting started with golf for beginners? Tell me what you like, and don't forget to subscribe! ►