Fitness Plans are Here! Check Out The 6 Week Peak

A while back I asked who wanted to do a 6 week fitness plan with me, and it turns out a lot of you were interested. Well, that plan is now UP at 606 Fitness! I love fitness but I don’t know everything so I teamed up with my certified trainer, Steven Tinoco, to give you all a great program. We created one specifically for men and one for women. Let’s start this year off right! We want everyone to have a positive experience and reach their individual goals!

If you decide to do the program (hopefully you do!) always remember to listen to your body. If you haven’t worked out in a while or new to working out, start with very light weight, or even body weight. Remember to ALWAYS talk to your doctor before starting any workout program. If you have questions or need modifications, you can talk to my trainer, @606_fit, and he can adjust any workout. You can also follow me on my new fitness page, @paigereneefitness, where I’ll be posting videos of the workouts and what I eat. And last thing, to see the best results, drink plenty of water and focus on what you eat. Let’s do this!

Get the Plan Here